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Uruguay’s Timber Industry Has Room To Grow

According to a report by Uruguay’s Office of Livestock and Agriculture Policy (Opypa), Uruguay’s timber industry will produce an average of 10 million cubic meters of wood to be processed into pulp. Timber for solid wood production is estimated to average 4.2 million cubic meters of which 71% is expected to come from pine and […]

Uruguay’s exports to Argentina continue to fall with no end in sight

Uruguay’s latest export data, released yesterday, showed a clear increase in Uruguay’s total exports. Soy remained Uruguay’s top export. However, the data also showed a clear decrease in exports to Argentina, which has maintained strong restrictions on imports despite the changes it has implemented to its macroeconomic policies. Uruguay’s exports increased 7.8% in May over […]

Uruguay’s exports to Mercosur plunged during the first eight months of 2013

During the first eight months of 2013, Uruguay’s exports to Argentina fell 5.6%, exports to Venezuela fell 15.1% and exports to Paraguay fell 9.2% compared to the first eight months of 2012. Although Uruguay’s exports to Brazil continued to grow, they rose only .1%. Put together, Uruguay’s exports to Mercosur from January to August 2013 […]

Uruguay’s Nueva Palmira port saw 43% increase in cargo moved during the first seven months of 2013

The head of the Nueva Palmira Port, Flavio Vaccarezza reported that from January to July the port moved 2,000,000 tons compared to 1,400,000 tons during the same period in 2012, a 43% increase. Vaccarezza said that the port recently added a 200 meter mooring front. He explained that it is a “riverside quay which allows […]

Uruguay and United States sign an agreement to modernize customs procedures

Francisco Sánchez, U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for international trade, met with Uruguayan President Jose Mujica to sign an agreement to improve the systems used by customs and border control. Diego Cánepa, Uruguay’s Presidential prosecretary, said in the press conference following the signing that the agreement aims to solve “practical and technical problems” in the […]

The Uruguayan peso falls to its lowest value against the dollar in four years

On August 22, 2013 Uruguay’s exchange rate hit 22.43 UYU to the dollar, the lowest the Uruguayan peso has been against the dollar in almost four years. The dollar rose 1.84% against the Uruguayan peso on August 22, after having already risen 1.97% on Wednesday. Wednesday’s increase was the  biggest single day increase in nearly […]

Uruguayan Citrus producers increase plantings by 8% after gaining access to the U.S. market

According to data from Uruguay’s Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fish (MGAP) in the 2013-2015 period producers intend increase the amount of citrus trees under cultivation by 571,537 plants. That amount represents an 8% increase over current plantings which total 7,181,902. Tangerines will account for 44% of the new plantings, lemons will be 31%, and oranges […]


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